Perspectives: Performing Arts in Brunei

By Faiq on July 1, 2013

Perspectives brings together different voices on a topic. In this post Open Brunei talks with Low Kok Wai, Lecturer in Drama & Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts at Social Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam; Abdul Zainidi whose films “Bread Dream” and “Teluki” were screened at the Cannes Festival; and Aa’qiil Ahmad a performer who divides his time between 1stopbrunei, Seeds and Relentless Entertainment.

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Reactions to the Brunei-Muara Metro Service

By Hazirah on May 11, 2013

A plane showing different floors for: 'dirveing', 'siting', 'cinema', 'rastarant' and 'playground'

Last month, it was announced that there would an overhaul to the current bus system in Brunei. With the topic of public transport on our minds, we decided to revisit our earlier post from December, where we created a map for an imaginary Brunei-Muara Metro Service. In this post, we share the responses we received and collected across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and of course comments right here on Open Brunei.

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Interview with Awang Mohamad Azmi: The Story of Mimit

Interview with Awang Mohamad Azmi
By Faiq on April 27, 2013

“The Story of Mimit” was part of the “Spectacle: Art and Design Graduation Show 2013” 10-27 April 2013 at the Chancellor Hall, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Awang Mohamad Azmi’s art installation utilises photo manipulation to transport himself into various pictures from his childhood.

He trawled through photographs decades old, scanning them, selecting clothing to match, interacting with them through poses, and then adding himself on Adobe Photoshop.

Azmi’s work touches on the integral role photography plays in capturing events in our everyday life. He mentions how photographs can be used to recall past events completely forgotten. Looking at old photographs are another way of understanding identity but can also create a sense of loss.


In the interview Azmi explained how his attachment working in a school lead him to the idea for, “The Story of Mimit”. He also mentions his childhood and the attempt at reconstructing that feeling of innocence in his art installation.


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Perspectives on Skin Colour: Nissia Paramitha

Guest Article by Nissia Paramitha
April 12, 2013

(This piece was written in response to Perspectives: Skin Colour in Brunei.) I’m currently working for Cosmopolitan Indonesia as a reporter and it is my first job. For two years I have been working as a lifestyle journalist. One day, I read a post by Faiq on Facebook. It talked about skin colour, and how people see white skin as beautiful and how advertisements brainwash people to have such skin colour.

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