Tourists for a day: Positives and negatives

    Recent Developments (back to Top) Not along after our trip, we found some further information regarding the availability of buses at airport: In August 2013, the “Bore-Nei” video by Monkeetime received some attention. We worried a little that our video might be similar to it, and also, it was a video by an actual tourist; […]

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    Tourists for a day: Experiencing tourism in Brunei

    Introduction t was March 2013, and Wajihah came across a tourist at Brunei International Airport, who was struggling to find out how to get to “Brunei national park” (which she found out was Ulu Temburong National Park). She accompanied the tourist to Bandar Seri Begawan, in search of accommodation in the capital, and information about travelling to […]

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    The History of Brunei Women During British Rule: Teah Abdullah

    Remember History classes in primary and secondary school? Because I sure can’t. Brunei’s history has always circulated around Sultans and the strange wars they went through in order to reclaim their position as a monarch. Cock fights? Are you kidding me? Our history, if I may be frank, was like a badly written Saturday Night Live sketch.

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    A plane showing different floors for: 'dirveing', 'siting', 'cinema', 'rastarant' and 'playground'

    Reactions to the Brunei-Muara Metro Service

    Last month, it was announced that there would an overhaul to the current bus system in Brunei. With the topic of public transport on our minds, we decided to revisit our earlier post from December, where we created a map for an imaginary Brunei-Muara Metro Service. In this post, we share the responses we received and collected across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and of course comments right here on Open Brunei.

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    The map we posted earlier in January (Alt Text)

    Brunei-Muara Metro Service: A Proposal

    We at Open Brunei reflected on our experiences of the Singapore MRT and the London Underground, and wondered what a metro service (or MRT/LRT) system would look like for Brunei. Where would the stations be? How many lines would there be? And how would it all fit together?

    And so, using the data available to us, we propose to you – drumroll, please – a metro service for the Brunei-Muara district.

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