Faiq is on Twitter and has a website where you can find his projects "Visiting The Mall" and "Things I bought from Tesco". He is also involved with B:READ, Seeds, Muzikaliti and is a photojournalist for The Brunei Times

Brunei Box Office 2014

  A look at films distributed in a calendar year.  Film titles were collated from Sunday editions of The Brunei Times. The data contains: language, genre (arranged alphabetically), runtime, IMDB score, Rotten Tomatoes score and film rating. Film rating for a majority of film are from the British Board of Film Classification, while others are from […]

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Brunei Online: Platform Websites

[12 minute read] “The objective of the blog is to highlight entertainment news be it in local television or music and performing arts happening in and around the country of Brunei Darussalam, and occasionally posting music news from around the globe.” – BruneiBuzz “It is a portal which will provide free in-depth information and entertainment […]

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The History of Brunei Women During British Rule: Teah Abdullah

Guest Article by Teah Abdullah

Remember History classes in primary and secondary school? Because I sure can’t. Brunei’s history has always circulated around Sultans and the strange wars they went through in order to reclaim their position as a monarch. Cock fights? Are you kidding me? Our history, if I may be frank, was like a badly written Saturday Night Live sketch.

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Perspectives: Performing Arts in Brunei

Perspectives brings together different voices on a topic. In this post Open Brunei talks with Low Kok Wai, Lecturer in Drama & Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts at Social Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam; Abdul Zainidi whose films “Bread Dream” and “Teluki” were screened at the Cannes Festival; and Aa’qiil Ahmad a performer who divides his time between 1stopbrunei, Seeds and Relentless Entertainment.

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Perspectives on Performing Arts in Brunei: A’aqiil Ahmad

Interview with A'aqiil Ahmad

Interest My first actual theatre play was in the multipurpose hall where I became Magic Man. The name of the play was “Children of the Future”, I came in to put everyone to sleep by putting magical dust on them and then asked each student what they wanted to be when I grow up. I […]

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