Hazirah is a co-founder of Bruneians:Read. She has a Twitter account where she tries to sound witty. She also has a blog where she sporadically attempts to critique Bruneian things.

A Brief Guide to finding Online Articles of The Brunei Times

Introduction ne year and two months ago, in November 2016, the newspaper The Brunei Times (BT), closed and took down its online news website along with its exit. This website was chock-full of BT news articles dating back to 2007. It didn’t have the slickest of website designs, but it was functional, had a good search […]

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Bruneian Literature in English: An Observation

Guest Article by Kathrina Mohd Daud

Preamble Disclaimer: Most of my thoughts here are speculative and in no way constitute definitive statements on the state of Bruneian literature in English. For more rigorous analyses, I can point you towards some of my academic work on Bruneian literature in particular: I have an article in the Journal of Commonwealth Literature, a book […]

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DATA (header)

Brunei Online: Better Data (Part I)

An introduction n Open Brunei, and as individuals, we’ve been dealing with data, collecting it, and making sense of it. The facts project Bruakal involves looking for statistics, sometimes even calculating them ourselves using the figures we find. Faiq’s article Brunei Box Office 2014 involved manually collecting titles of films shown over a year. In particular, there is […]

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A plane showing different floors for: 'dirveing', 'siting', 'cinema', 'rastarant' and 'playground'

Reactions to the Brunei-Muara Metro Service

Last month, it was announced that there would an overhaul to the current bus system in Brunei. With the topic of public transport on our minds, we decided to revisit our earlier post from December, where we created a map for an imaginary Brunei-Muara Metro Service. In this post, we share the responses we received and collected across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and of course comments right here on Open Brunei.

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