A look at films distributed in a calendar year.  Film titles were collated from Sunday editions of The Brunei Times.

The data contains: language, genre (arranged alphabetically), runtime, IMDB score, Rotten Tomatoes score and film rating. Film rating for a majority of film are from the British Board of Film Classification, while others are from the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia.

Data at a glance:


  • Out of the 197 films shown in 2014, 55% were in English, 21% were in Malay, 9% in Mandarin, 6% in Thai, 4% Cantonese, 2% Tamil, 1.5% in Indonesian, and 1.5% in Japanese.
  • Only one film, which represents 0.5% of films shown in the country was from Brunei; Yasmine. Despite this the movie was still one of the top box office earners of 2014.
  • Genre most represented was Action 30%, followed by Comedy 25%, and Horror with 23%. Drama 18% and Thriller 12% closely followed. Only 7% or 14 films were classified as romance.
  • The highest rated English film was ‘Interstellar’ while the lowest was ‘Justin Bieber’s Believe’. The Indonesian film ‘Kuntilanak Kesurupan’ received an IMDB rating of 2.
  • Only 22 films were rated ’18’, the films were either Malay or Thai, horror or action films.
  • Over 20544 minutes of films shown in Brunei. It would take 2 weeks, 6 hours and 24 minutes with no breaks to watch them all.
  • Only 26 films received a fresh rating or higher on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • In 2014, a new film was shown in Brunei around every two days.


Further research of films distributed in Brunei could also cover:

  • Country of distributors.
  • Length of film run – how many weeks was the movie shown in cinemas.
  • Reviews of Thai, Malaysian, Chinese films.
  • Deeper analysis into the types of films that are distributed, in terms of themes, plots and characters.
  • Data on types of entertainment streamed on Youtube.
  • Most downloaded movie in Brunei via torrents.


Download the table of data here.

Data was collected manually. Please comment below or email if there are any errors.



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