It started with the Brunei-Muara Metro Service idea. As a joint project, it didn’t seem to fit into either of our own personal websites or blogs. We had always enjoyed sharing interesting(*) content about Brunei. We decided to give them a home on a new website.

Our aim is to work on, or highlight other, original content, that:

  • encourages discussion and exchange of ideas
  • encourages sharing of data
  • is related to Brunei

* Also: “Interesting” is going to subjective, but if you would like to contribute or highlight something great that we’ve missed, feel free to contact us, or consider becoming a contributor. :)

Who we are




We dabble mess around with Bruneian data and knowledge, and speculate on Bruneian internet culture, but don’t know very much, really.

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Previous team members

  • Columnist – Was in London doing research.

Contributors & Collaborators

A full list will be up soon!

We are grateful to all previous team members, collaborators and contributors for your support and contributions <3


Other Stuff

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