[Map] Mosques Brunei-Muara (Masjid Brunei-Muara)

By Team Open Brunei on February 28, 2014

Locations gathered from the Ministry of Religious Affairs website, Foursquare check-ins, Facebook places, Google Maps and The Brunei Times for newly constructed mosques. The map excludes surau (prayer halls) in the district.

[URL]:  https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=z3yTZfFyoG88.kcphJuXy6eCA

[SHORT URL]: http://tiny.cc/bruneimosques

Brunei Geek Meet created “Masjid Mana?” based on this data.  Move the centre of the map for the 10 nearest mosques in metres. Click the picture below to visit the mobile friendly website.

Find-Closest-Mosque---Brunei Geek Meet

Please let us know of any discrepancies in the comments below.

Last updated [03/03/2014]



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In Search of Bruneian Art: Faiz Morshidi @ Expression by Kaleidoscope Studio

By Hazwan Jaya on February 13, 2014


The sense of tension in the painting ‘Rooted’ (above) makes it seem the human like figure is trying to writhe himself free of something. The contours of the figure affirms this narrative: the momentum of the anatomy gives me the impression that there is a contraction of the body, a subtle struggle. The neck looks like it is stretching out or fighting against a downward pull. If the figure was looking directly at me, the gaze of his hollow eyes would almost be unbearable. I feel I am spared by the artist. The colours tell a different story.

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Beyond the Painting

Interview with Yasmin Jaidin
By Hazwan Jaya on December 7, 2013


I am at the Chelsea College of Arts. In the midst of the lunch hour buzz, I cannot help but notice the student demographic of the college – do artists look a particular way? Perhaps this is erroneous to suggest but there is an acute sense of taste expressed in what seemed like an accidental understanding of a dress code. Maybe this is the artistic elan leaking through: most of them carry some kind of object in one form or another – paintings, frames, parts of an installation – I can only get glimpses of this fleeting art as they pass by. The atmosphere is one of creative productivity but they pass me by in very brief glimpses.

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Brunei Online: Platform Websites

By Faiq on November 27, 2013

[12 minute read]

“The objective of the blog is to highlight entertainment news be it in local television or music and performing arts happening in and around the country of Brunei Darussalam, and occasionally posting music news from around the globe.” – BruneiBuzz

“It is a portal which will provide free in-depth information and entertainment to the wired Bruneian and the general public. There will be varying of essential and useful content ranging from Islam to Tourism to Health and Sports and many more. The website’s main function is to be the creative platform for Brunei” – 1stopbrunei

“Join me on this projek, a projek to discover and rediscover this country they call the Abode of Peace, the Heart of Borneo, this place they call the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures…through the stories of the People.” – ProjekBrunei

“The main aim of that website is to create entertainment, but now that there’s entertainment, people still don’t know about it and so then I created this website to increase awareness on all food and entertainment in Brunei.” – Brunei Entertainment


What follows is an analysis of online culture in Brunei. It is written with the intent of reflecting on our current online practices and opening up a discussion about its direction.

What I have written also serves as an incomplete history of online culture in Brunei. It focuses on written blogs, leaving out many aspects such as web rings, mIRC and forums in order to understand platform websites. As I researched this essay I left out many things I wished to have kept in, there is plenty more that can be written about this subject.

These thoughts on online culture in Brunei emerged after the trip to Seattle on the invitation of Royal Brunei. It made me question the relation Open Brunei has with blogging and the role it could play within this space.

Introduction (back to Top)

1stopbrunei, The Amo Times, ASZBrunei, Brunei Buzz, Brunei fm, Brunei Foodies, BruneiShines, LoveFoodHateWaste (Brunei), Muzikaliti, Songket Alliance, Support Bruneian Artists, Open Brunei, ProjekBrunei, Ranoadidas, are described as: a place to highlight, a way to discover, a place to share, to raise awareness, a social blog, a portal, a platform.

These websites curate content. Online content may include poetry, drawings, comics, images, sounds, videos and so on. While some have write-ups with contextualizing information, others share content as it is. Websites such as LoveFoodHateWaste (Brunei) and Songket Alliance, also have original content for their website. But most of these websites fall to the latter, sharing content as it is, adding no more than three sentences or less of relevant information.

Platform websites have huge followings across social media. At the moment 1stopbrunei on Facebook has over 1,000 likes, BruneiTweet has close to 18,000 followers on Twitter and Brunei Foodies nearing 4,200 followers on Instagram. With 42,070 in total, Ranoadidas has around the same social media reach across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as The Brunei Times with 37,350. However, Brunei fm on Facebook eclipses them all with them with 140,000 likes. As large as their social media reach, all have websites. (more…)

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[Transcript] Issues of the Brunei Youth Identity: Future Directions

By Team Open Brunei on November 8, 2013

Transcript of Pehin Orang Kaya Laila Wijaya Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Hj Abdul Aziz Begawan Pehin Udana Khatib Dato Seri Paduka Hj Umar keynote address during the opening of the Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Centre for Islamic Studies (SOASCIS) Third International Conference (SICON 3) at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), November 6 2013.

Every generation faces the issue of identity. In the past, racial lines, enforced by facial features and language, largely defined the question of identity. As such nations were often named by their racial character: the Chinese in China and the Mongols in Mongolia, the Scots in Scotland, the English in England and closer to home the Bugis, Thais and of course, Brunei. During the pre-British period Brunei was the name of a people who originated from the mouth of the Brunei River; today in the vicinity of Kampong Ayer. However, the Bruneis areas of power encompassed regions that were traditionally inhabited by peoples of different races – if we were to define race on linguistic lines. So we find among within the Bruneis’ areas of power the Belaits, the Tutongs, the Kedayans, the Dusuns, the Muruts and several others. What is important to note is that these peoples together with the Bruneis have lived side by side for many centuries. Each only identified by their linguistic differences and geographical origins.


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