Faiq is on Twitter and has a website where you can find his projects "Visiting The Mall" and "Things I bought from Tesco". He is also involved with B:READ, Seeds, Muzikaliti and is a photojournalist for The Brunei Times

Perspectives on Performing Arts in Brunei: Abdul Zainidi

Interview with Abdul Zainidi

(This is the extended version of Abdul Zainidi’s interview in Perspectives: Performing Arts in Brunei) In an email correspondence with Open Brunei Abdul Zainidi explains BruRealism, the Youtube series “Brunei In Paris” and the performing arts industry in Brunei.

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Interview with Awang Mohamad Azmi: The Story of Mimit

Interview with Awang Mohamad Azmi

“The Story of Mimit” was part of the “Spectacle: Art and Design Graduation Show 2013” 10-27 April 2013 at the Chancellor Hall, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Awang Mohamad Azmi’s art installation utilises photo manipulation to transport himself into various pictures from his childhood. He trawled through photographs decades old, scanning them, selecting clothing to match, interacting […]

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Perspectives on Skin Colour: Nissia Paramitha

Guest Article by Nissia Paramitha

(This piece was written in response to Perspectives: Skin Colour in Brunei.) I’m currently working for Cosmopolitan Indonesia as a reporter and it is my first job. For two years I have been working as a lifestyle journalist. One day, I read a post by Faiq on Facebook. It talked about skin colour, and how people see white skin as beautiful and how advertisements brainwash people to have such skin colour.

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Perspectives: Skin Colour in Brunei

In this post we look at attitudes towards skin colour in Brunei, from Tasya’s reflections on skin whitening, to Santika’s burgeoning interest on perceptions of skin colour, finally Columnist in his essay on binary oppositions and ideals.

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