It started with the Brunei-Muara Metro Service idea. As a joint project, it didn’t seem to fit into either of our own personal websites or blogs. We had always enjoyed sharing interesting(*) content about Brunei. We decided to give them a home on a new website.

Our aim is to work on, or highlight other, original content, that:

  • encourages discussion and exchange of ideas
  • encourages sharing of data
  • is related to Brunei

* Also: “Interesting” is going to subjective, but if you would like to contribute or highlight something great that we’ve missed, feel free to contact us, or consider becoming a contributor. :)

Who we are

Faiq and Hazirah dabble mess around with Bruneian data and knowledge, and speculate on Bruneian internet culture, but don’t know very much, really.

There is also Columnist who is currently in London doing research.

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Other Stuff

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